TV Tower, Berlin

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Berlin TV Tower

Berliner Fernsehturm is a TV Tower in Berlin, located at Alexanderplatz.

Berlin TV Tower

Back when Berlin was still divided, the government of the German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik in German, or DDR) decided to build a tv tower for East Berlin. The tower was constructed between 1965 and 1969 by East German architects Fritz Dieter, Günter Franke and Werner Ahrendt. It was designed to look like the Soviet sputnik satellites. The shaft is made of concrete and the sphere is made of steel.

A visitor platform is located in the sphere, at 203 meters from the ground. A rotating restaurant is a few meters above.

A lift takes you to the visitor platform in 40 seconds; quite impressive. The views from the platform are spectacular. There are signs with information on the neighborhoods of Berlin and the various important buildings of the city. One can see the different architectural styles that characterize the city especially from the era of its division.

Don’t visit the tower on a day when it looks like this:

Berlin TV Tower

Instead try to visit on a clear day.

Berlin TV Tower Berlin TV Tower Berlin TV Tower Berlin TV Tower Berlin TV Tower Berlin TV Tower Berlin TV Tower Berlin TV Tower

Something interesting about the TV Tower; due to its shape, when the sun shines on the sphere, the image of a cross is formed. That was very amusing to Berliners who nicknamed the cross the “Pope’s revenge” (Rache des Papstes) to mock the DDR’s effort to suppress religion and the churches.

Berlin TV Tower

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